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E.ON continue to work with Driving Monitor to keep drivers safe

E.ON continue to work with Driving Monitor to keep drivers safe

Driving Monitor has been working with E.ON UK PLC over the last 5 years to manage around 9,000 employees under the driver risk management programme. Some of the successful projects undertaken include the integration of the Trakm8 telematics data set for a more in-depth analysis of driver behaviour and the integration of manager 1-2-1 reviews. The Driving Monitor platform has allowed E.ON to reach the highest levels of compliance with figures of up to 98% across the board, and risk levels have dropped from 20% high risk, down to around 1% high risk.

The project originally consisted of consolidating data sets and bringing the whole driver risk management under one central platform. Now the system takes care of a lot of the day-to-day operational management in terms of driver risk, and the administration needed for the programme is vastly reduced.

Employees who use their own vehicle for business (Grey Fleet drivers) are also covered with their tax, insurance and MOT being checked by the platform and this was an additional benefit seen at E.ON who had previously not had any level of visibility or compliance for their Grey Fleet drivers.

Jarrod Smith, Senior Contract Manager at E.ON said: "Initially we went out to the market to assess all suppliers who could undertake this large task. Finding a supplier who could handle a large-scale volume of employees efficiently was an important factor - as well as providing an effective toolkit for E.ON to manage its duty-of-care was paramount."

"Driving Monitor have certainly delivered on these fronts, and have continued to evolve the programme to ensure we maintain our high levels of compliance." Alongside this, we also decided in 2019 to move our on-road practical driver training to Driving Monitor, which has streamlined our entire driver risk programme including training into the one system”

"The reporting tools and automation provided by the platform have reduced our internal workload, and we're looking forward to the new features and additional enhancements Driving Monitor are continuing to develop as we move forward into 2020."