Risk Monitor, driver risk assessments for employees

Now you can risk assess your employees who drive on company business

Risk Monitor allows you to easily risk assess all your drivers to give you a complete view of where your risks lie in the business. You'll get access to simple yet powerful manager web dashboards giving you a complete birds-eye-view of risks, and the ability to drill in and see individual reports on each driver.   Its important to adopt a system that can 'combine' all of these separate data sets into one central report for an accurate driver risk profile. Try to avoid having lots of separate systems to manage assessments, DVLA licence data, training data, vehicle and accident data etc.

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Risk level alerts

  • Instant email/SMS alerts
    The Risk Monitor module links automatically to the Task Monitor module, giving you access to all the rich features of the Tasks & Alerts already built in.
  • Alerts on all risk assessment data
    Ability to setup bespoke alerts on all parameters such as points on licence, hours worked in the day, specific areas of weakness (i.e. hazard perception) and gives you an instant view of a driver risk profile
  • Alert future scheduling
    Our system can also schedule alerts to be triggered at the correct future dates down the line. This means a driver can receive an alert 4 weeks before their refresher assessment is due or a manager could receive an alert if an assessment was X weeks overdue (i.e. for compliance monitoring).
  • Total flexibility
    The Task Monitor module has been continually developed since 2002 and has been built on a flexible platform. This means the system can be configured to suit your company structure and management hierarchy. Your specific settings can be modified to ensure the right people in your business are alerted to the key pieces of information at the 'right time'.
  • Configure alerts at different levels
    Department managers can receive alerts just about drivers within their department, but our alerts system is powerful enough to have alerts setup at branch and company level, so issues can escalate up through the  management hierarchy. Managers can be setup at all levels allows your organisation to control access views

Powerful reports

Our driver risk assessment module can build up a picture of your risk levels across your fleet of drivers. The powerful reporting tools allow you to spot trends and setup bespoke alerts.

Drivers who are High Risk 25%
Drivers who are Medium Risk 35%
Drivers who are Low Risk 40%
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  • Instant reports available online
    The Risk Monitor manager dashboards update in real-time allowing you to view data as soon as drivers have entered it. Reports are built on-the-fly and can be run via the secure web portal or via the automated reporting service.
  • Scheduled reports
    The system can be configured to send out scheduled reports at your preferred frequency (every day/week/month etc), and these can be set up to be sent automatically to your managers within the business to update on progress.
  • Report future scheduling
    If reports are configured to be scheduled for repeat patterns the system automatically updates the status of risk levels and flags any potential problems when key dates/events are triggered - showing an exception on the dynamic report.
  • Configure reports at different levels
    Divisional managers can receive reports just about drivers within their division, but our reports system is powerful enough to have reports setup at branch and company level, so issues can escalate up through the  management hierarchy. Managers can be setup at all levels allows your organisation to control access views

Unique live risk levels

  • Increase visibility and updates
    Instant access to the driver risk profile gives managers an up-to-date view as it happens. So if an event comes in to the system (such as an automatic DVLA licence feed or accident data) the driver's risk profile is instantly updated.
  • Seamlessly integrates with telematics
    If we are integrating a telematics option your driver risk profile can be updated daily from the real-time data being fed from the vehicle. So if a driver is showing risky driving as part of the telematics data the Risk Monitor tool updates accordingly and can alert drivers/managers with a new risk level and potential interventions.
  • Get results fast
    Within seconds of a driver completing their risk assessment our system updates giving you a full report.
  • Bespoke interventions based on risk
    Our system uniquely targets the area of weakness that the risk assessment exposes. So if a driver shows a weakness in hazard perception or the road traffic laws for example they are given bespoke eLearning or potential practical training based on their risk level and areas of weakness.

Full data security

  • No 3rd party involved in data processing
    It's important you check when looking at digital risk assessment services that your potential supplier is not 'outsourcing' their web platform to a 3rd party. Also ensure if you are being sold an integrated service that this is not coming from another provider in the background as this will add to the number of parties in the chain accessing your employee data. The best option is to deal with a total solution direct supplier such as DrivingMonitor.
  • Ensuring the right levels of data protection
    As employees and businesses become more conscious of Data Protection it's important that you partner with a company that solely handles the data in a secure data centre, and that they are ISO27001 registered.
  • Unprecedented Data Security
    Utilising our secure 'dedicated' servers, your data is managed with the highest levels of security. We operate to ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 levels of data security and we're also registered under the DPA with the Information Commissioner.

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Why should I risk assess my employees?

That's a good question. Put simply all employers have a duty-of-care under current Health & Safety legislation (see HSE guidelines Driving at Work – Managing Work-Related Road Safety) to regularly risk assess an employee who drives on company business (even if they only drive once or twice a year). Here’s a few useful key facts:

  • 14,000 UK road deaths and serious injuries involving people at work occur annually
  • 150+ vehicles driven on company business crash every day
  • Up to 1 in 3 road crashes involves a vehicle being driven for work

Read more about risk assessment frequencies...

risk assessment frequency
It's important to develop a strategy around how and when you will risk assess your employees who drive for work. DrivingMonitor has a simple online solution to help you establish which employees do/don't drive as part of their work-related activities. Our simple 'online driver declaration' is utilised by tens of thousands of drivers every year. This gives you a fully auditable database of employees who do/don't drive which can be updated by the employee should their circumstances change.

The simplest solution to manage the frequency of risk assessments is to utilise DrivingMonitor's built in refresher frequency models. We can build in annual refresher assessments or adopt a refresher based on risk levels.

Regular assessments with automatic frequencies

An example of a refresher policy based on risk levels:

  • Low risk drivers = assess every 18 months
  • Medium risk drivers = assess every year
  • High risk drivers = assess every 6 months

    This means you are targeting the Medium/High risk drivers to manage their risk more pro-actively and reduce their risk levels at a quicker pace.


    Should I use a stand alone risk assessment or an integrated service?

    It’s a common mistake for a company to start with risk assessments as a stand alone procedure. However it’s important to consider the whole driver risk management life-cycle when deciding on a driver risk assessment service. Only by cross-referencing the data gathered by risk assessment with the DVLA checks with other driver risk factors can you fully cover the company duty-of-care obligations (HSE's guidelines) which are:

    See why companies choose an integrated assessment service...


    Don't be fooled by a veneer

    When researching suppliers for a risk assessment package - ensure you get a 'full' demo of the system and ask questions such as:

    • Is this system fully integrated into the DVLA service or do you use a 3rd party for other systems?
    • Are you the main developers of this system or have you simply white-labelled a 3rd party supplier solution and if so who actually holds the data?
    • Does the risk assessment data link with accident, licence, vehicle and training data?
    • Can I see management dashboards with real-time data?
    • Is this system flexible/extendable (i.e. are you in control of bespoke development/adaptations and can we grow with you?)


    We've been using the DrivingMonitor risk assessment tool for over 7 years now and rely on their automated refresher systems to remind drivers to take their annual assessments. We used to assess on paper in-house but Risk Monitor takes all of the admin away from us.

    Jane Anderson, Fleet Manager




    The driver risk management life-cycle 'integrated' approach

    This integrated approach from DrivingMonitor connects all of your duty-of-care obligations under one simple roof using the central web portal and manager dashboards. By connecting DVLA licence checks with your driver risk assessments, training records, vehicle data, accident information and overall audit trail this allows you a full birds-eye-view of your fleet.
    The beauty of this 'integrated' approach is this frees your staff up from trying to connect all of these systems together You can save up to 70% of admin time that would be normally be wasted by your staff trying to cross-referencing all these separate systems using spreadsheets (which become out of date very quickly) using manual time-consuming processes. So rather than trying to use Excel to cross reference licence checks with risk assessments and other data, the DrivingMonitor system does it all in the background for you.

    1. Evaluate the risk

    The first step in managing the risk of drivers is to evaluate each driver's exposure to risk. In the wheel diagram you can see we use RiskMonitor and TrainingMonitor. You can click the links below to explore more about each module.

    In this 1st phase we use:

    In the driver evaluation stage we can identify the current risk levels and also recommend appropriate 'interventions' to help reduce any areas of risk highlighted.


    2. Profile the driver

    The second step in managing the risk of drivers is to build up a more accurate picture of the.

    In this 2nd phase we use:

    In the driver profiling stage we can identify any additional risks connected with the driver and also recommend appropriate 'interventions' to help reduce any areas of risk highlighted.


    3. Monitor the progress

    The final step in managing the risk of drivers is to ensure there is a system in place for monitoring the on-going driver checks.

    In this last phase we use:

    In the driver monitoring stage we can ensure tasks are being completed by drivers and managers are alerted to any potential issues, and also ensure reports are running each week/month.



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