T-Mobile case study

t-mobile-logo-usaT-Mobile announced a pleasing reduction in the total net costs of incidents amongst their company car drivers in 2005, compared with 2004. In 2004 the total cost of incidents was calculated at £658,000. This dropped in 2005 to £555,000. T-mobile have been working closely with Motor Fleet Risk Management experts DrivingMonitor over the last few years and believe this has contributed significantly to the annual saving of over £100,000.

The working partnership began with an initial assessment by DrivingMonitor of the needs of all T-Mobile employees who drove on company business.  This was followed by on-road training sessions with highly experienced DrivingMonitor trainers for those employees considered to be a danger to themselves and others on the road. Recently T-Mobile have also been utilising DrivingMonitor's highly sophisticated, but simple to use on-line driver management tool – The DrivingMonitor. This on-line tool allows quick and effective risk assessments to be carried out on all drivers, to identify high risk employees who would benefit from either on-line, or on road training. It is envisaged that use of the DrivingMonitor will help achieve even more cost savings, and more importantly ensure that driver competency increases and incident rates continue to decline.

Chris Birdsall, Procurement Manager for T-Mobile whose responsibilities include the tendering process said:-

"We set out to see what the market had to offer and then asked a number of providers to present to us based on our requirements. DrivingMonitor fully complied with the tender process. Although the standards of all the other applicants was high, DrivingMonitor was particularly flexible in its approach. DrivingMonitor displayed that they had the experience and knowledge not only to provide now but also develop their services into the future. T-Mobile have great expectations of all its suppliers and we are confident that DrivingMonitor will meet and exceed those expectations."

Chris Birdsall, Procurement Manager for T-Mobile