NG Bailey case study


We have recently carried out a full risk assessment on our fleet of 1300 vehicles and highlighted a few areas of concern, in line with the latest Driving at Work legislation.

We decided to review our Driving Policy and introduce some form of training for our members.

We invited various defensive training providers to carry out presentations on how they can help us achieve a very high level of duty of care. Our priority is to reduce the accident rate and raise the standard of driving throughout our Organisation.

"We chose DrivingMonitor because due to their knowledge and experience, they are able to work with us in reducing our accident rate. DrivingMonitor is an excellent programme, which helps us highlight the drivers that require further training.

The up keep of the vehicle is very important and DrivingMonitor help to educate our drivers with very simple tips on how to maintain their vehicle and keep it clean.

DrivingMonitor have been very pro-active in supplying us with case studies, literature and posters that cover most areas of concern when driving at work.

We are very focused in our attempts to have a very good record on Duty of Care and we are confident that DrivingMonitor will help us achieve a very high standard."

Ronnie Wilson, Head of Leasing, NG Bailey