A colossal mistake and 28 Teslas

A colossal mistake and 28 Teslas

If you ever went to the supermarket in the middle of March, you probably found your jaw dropping rather a lot.

Mine certainly did. I’d stop still, staring around in disbelief at the rows and rows of empty shelves, thanks to the deluge of panic buying that took over the entire country for a few weeks.

But did you ever hear of anyone panic buying Teslas?!

Click here to read about the German man who bought twenty-eight of them.

This strange turn of events took place in June so the chap was a little late to the party, if you ask me.

But, okay, he wasn’t really panic-buying.

It certainly looks like pretty strange behaviour though!

Thanks to a glitch on Tesla’s website this guy managed to accidentally sign for 28 cars and shell out the 100 euro deposit for each.

Guessing his jaw dropped rather lower than mine ever did in Sainsbury’s when he realised his mistake.

Apparently Tesla are usually very firm on the “non-refundable” part of their deposits. But thankfully, the panicking German managed to talk them round during a frantic phone call!

All’s well that ends well, and pretty funny if you ask me.

What was the most surprising thing you weren’t able to find on the shelves during the lockdown?