Is this “the moment” for electric vehicles?

Is this “the moment” for electric vehicles?

There’s absolutely zero doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has changed, well, pretty much everything.

And one area of life that has definitely been affected is the way people work.

With the public advised to work from home if they can, we’ve seen a great exodus from the office, with people setting up shop in a back bedroom or on the dining room table.

And although the lockdown is easing, there are many suggestions that some of these changes may become permanent.

Plenty of businesses appear to be prepared to let employees work from home indefinitely, with some corporations choosing to give up expensive commercial lets and streamline their entire operation.

And when you add in the fact that video-conferencing software has really come to the fore during the pandemic, it seems likely that the world of work is likely to be very different from this point onwards.

With more home working, and less travelling for meetings, the fleet requirements of many will change.

According to a survey undertaken by Fleet News, 61% of respondents are envisaging a drop in the average mileage of their fleet.

And with less miles required, there’s every chance that this could be “the moment” for the electric vehicle to thrive.

EVs have been growing in popularity in recent years, and thanks to the company car tax cut for electric vehicles earlier this year, they have become a more compelling option for many drivers.

But now that many fleets will be undertaking fewer journeys, coupled with the stark reality of how emissions have dropped during lockdown, this seems to be the best possible chance for companies to begin making the shift, if they’re able to do so.

By 2040, new petrol and diesel car and van sales will be outlawed, which means that forward-thinking organisations will have already been considering their plan to segue into the new electric era.

What seems likely is that the pandemic will accelerate those plans.

What are you thinking? Have you started integrating electric vehicles into your fleet, and have your priorities shifted as a result of the pandemic? Let us know in the comments box below.