Sparks flying on the highway

Sparks flying on the highway

When things get heated between two people, they say "sparks fly".

Never has the saying been truer than in Corona in California last week.

Sparks certainly were flying in a very literal sense for miles down Route 91, thanks to an awkward encounter between a minivan driver and a - thankfully - driverless motorbike.

Click here to see this crazy encounter!

Quite how you crash into another vehicle and speed down the highway without noticing the motorbike wedged into your fender I don't know.

But this guy certainly managed it!

Fair warning, it's a pretty shocking piece of footage but there's really nothing more sinister than the shower of bright orange spewing onto the road beneath the car.

You can also hear the biker's version of events after the clip from the highway (and it makes for pretty interesting listening!).

Plus there's a shot of what was left of the bike after its strange journey down Route 91. Safe to say, it wasn't a lot!

I'd be keen to see some stats about how many road accidents there have been this year since the lockdown started - got any ideas?