A different kind of bounce back…

A different kind of bounce back…

If you read our recent blog about Rishi Sunak's summer statement, you'll know that we're feeling a little down about the lack of help that fleets and fleet managers are getting from the Government right now, as we ease our way out of the lockdown.

That being said, I've just noticed a very different kind of "bounce back" amidst all the Government spiel about loans and grants, and this one's certainly put a smile back on my face.

So if you’re in need of a little light relief too, you ought to give this short video about a cardboard box a quick watch.

(It's not just any old cardboard box either; it's a cardboard box that won't quit.)

Click here to see what happens!

In an extremely strange turn of events, this cardboard box makes it clear that it’s got a mind of its own by doing some incredible acrobatics at speed on an Asian highway.

Captured on dashcam footage, the box falls out of an open truck going at speed.

But rather than whacking full force into the car behind, it only goes and jumps back into the truck.

Like I said, a mind of its own. (Either that or one airstream kicks it out and another kicks it back in; who can really be sure?!)

And what’s even funnier, the whole thing happens not once, but twice. 

Honestly, it’s worth a watch.