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Driving Monitor 1st to release eConsent for driving licence checks into the UK marketplace

No paper needed - eConsent replaces the counterpart

Driving Monitor has today released its long awaited eConsent system for driving licence checks in the UK. This follows a period of development and proposals presented to the DVLA in Swansea. The new system replaces the need for a traditional 'paper mandate' giving a huge benefit to its customers in the process.

Kevin Curtis, Managing Director of Driving Monitor commented, "This is a great landmark we've reached today with the launch of our eConsent system. We've been hard at work ensuring the platform is ready for launch and we're proud of the work we've put in to produce the new slick service. Our customers can benefit from a paperless route to driving licence checking thus saving them a huge amount of time and expense. A lot of our customers have workers based in the field using tablet devices and smartphones. Getting to a printer to print a mandate, sign it and then get to a fax machine or scanner (or even to a postbox) to return a piece of paper has been a bugbear of our clients for many years. This new advance is the first system on the market to offer this new digital process in a really smart and efficient manner."

"We didn't stop there at providing just a slick eConsent service - we've also integrated our ePass system into this. This is our Electronic Permit and Safety System combined with a DVLA licence check and gives a driver authorisation to drive. A manager gets a full view of the drivers consent for licence checks and can see all employees who are eligible to drive on company business. Drivers also get full visibility of their own licence consent status and can update this at any point, revoking their consent and opting out of driving on company business."

"I've seen a shift in fleet management over the past 5 years with fleet managers, H&S managers, along with HR managers all wanting to have an integrated solution for licence checks, risk assessments and driver training in one central web platform. We've been responding to market needs now for over 13 years constantly developing what the customer needs and this latest incarnation is a great leap forward in the world of licence checking."

Driving Monitor continues to innovate and will be developing the eConsent system to work alongside the new DVLA realtime licence checking service which is due to go live on a Beta service early 2015.