Driving Monitor expanding fleet driver trainer network

Fleet driver trainers wanted

Driver trainers wanted

Driving Monitor has been delivering driver risk management solutions since 2001, and has the UK’s longest standing web-based risk assessment tool on the market. Alongside our risk management packages, we offer training solutions, and recruit the best self-employed fleet registered trainers to provide on road training to our customers.

We're expanding our fleet of approved ADI's to help us deliver premier driver training solutions across the UK.

If you're an ADI (grade B or above) then register now to see what work we can offer you at:


Kevin Curtis, Director of Driving Monitor commented, "This is an exciting time for fleet driver trainers to get involved in a new wave of driver risk management. Because we take a different approach to driver risk management we work closely with our trainers to deliver a 'bespoke' solution to each driver - using our unique web risk assessment tool as the start point of the training programme. This means for the first time in the UK the driver training is not a blanket one size fits all approach - but a highly tailored session based on the areas each driver needs support with. We've developed a system over the past 10 years to fine-tune a unique risk driver risk reduction programme that gives companies a detailed view of the training and the areas a driver works towards continual improvement.

This combined with our unique telematics integration puts managers in a much better position to see real changes in their fleet."

Driving Monitor are looking to expand its driver training network to continue reducing accident rates in fleets and giving its customers a real return on investment with lower insurance premiums and less accidents in fleets.

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