Ever heard of a 23-seater car?

Ever heard of a 23-seater car?

When it comes to cars, we’re used to the standard variations.

I’m talking about hatchbacks, SUVs, 4x4s, estates, coupes, 4 seaters, 5 seaters, 7 seaters and a few other variations.

Of course, there’s always the occasional unusual vehicle like the three-wheeled Robin Reliant, but generally we’re used to what we know.

So, what if I told you that 23 people could fit in a car?

Well, that’s what happened when Suzuki decided that they wanted to prove just how practical their Vitara model is.

The idea makes sense in terms of proving how spacious it is… but it’s a little bit out there as a way of showing it. 

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If you’re wondering if it’s a world record… It’s not.

23 is actually some way short of the 41 people that crammed inside a Toyota back in 2015.

It does make you wonder just how spacious some vehicles are, particularly when you look at the size of some fleet vehicles, whether it’s vans, HGVs or anything in between.

I’m not sure what the practicality of actually driving a vehicle with that many people in is – and I’d probably suggest that it wouldn’t be wise from a safety point of view!

But I will be looking at vehicles and wondering how many people could fit in, a bit like the ‘guess how many jellybeans are in the jar’ games you see at fairs.