Fancy carrying your shopping in your airbags?

Fancy carrying your shopping in your airbags?

Sustainability is on everyone’s mind these days.

Whether it’s moving away from petrol and diesel vehicles to EVs, reducing your carbon footprint, or repurposing things to avoid sending them to landfill.

Well, how about reusable shopping bags made from airbags?

That’s exactly what Japanese car manufacturer Subaru is doing in a bid to reduce waste in their manufacturing process.

And you can see the logic – there’s not much you can do with airbag scraps once they’ve been used.

So, taking those scraps and stitching them into reusable bags means they avoid heading for the landfill whilst also making a pretty cool bag to pop to the shops with.

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All businesses are under pressure to hit sustainability targets, so this sort of innovation shows how seriously Subaru is taking its own pledge.

Given that most shopping bags are still made from plastic (I’ve got quite the collection of ‘bags for life’ under my kitchen sink), this feels like a more eco-friendly option.

Airbags are made from flame-resistant nylon, and they’re specifically designed to be durable and long-lasting because they might need to be sat in a vehicle for years before they’re ever used, if at all.

Which should make them pretty useful as a shopping bag!

The downside is that they’re only available in Japan right now, but perhaps other manufacturers will follow suit…

It’s not the only way airbags are being reused either after Toyoda Gosei announced a collaboration with Asics to make trainers from airbag fabric.