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Free demo of DVLA Licence Monitor service

OK so let's get started. To view the FREE demo of Licence Monitor you'll need to enter your details in the form below and you'll be sent details of your demo to your inbox.

What's in the Demo?

In the demo you'll get an overview of:

  • Driving licence eConsent process
  • DVLA data feed service
  • Management Dashboards & Reports

What does Licence Monitor do?

This demo shows you how you can cover your duty-of-care with a simple system. You'll get an overview of how the Licence checking service makes your life easy and all of the administration is taken care of:

  • Identifies high, medium and low risk
  • Recommends 'Bespoke Interventions' to reduce risk levels
  • Visibility of all driving licence categories for your drivers
  • View reports on driving offences and endorsements
  • Alerts for any disqualified drivers
  • NEW - eConsent system - no paper mandates needed!

Driving Licence Checks


DrivingMonitor is an Approved Operator of the ADLV providing secure DVLA licence checks via our digital platform. Our secure connection to Swansea means your data is fully secure.

Free demo booking form

Step 1

Choose a demo date / time from the diary and the available slots below.
(Make sure you have 20 minutes free in your diary as this will be a one-to-one demo booked just for you - not a group webinar)

Not ready to see a demo just yet?

No problem. If you're still looking for more information about what level of service we can offer for DVLA licence checks - or if you're just generally researching you may be interested in some of our free guides below:

Download the 7 Secrets to Licence Checks

The 7 Secrets to Licence Checks gives you inside knowledge before you purchase any licence checking services or partner up with a licence checking supplier. This free download acts as a survival guide on what to look out for and how to ensure cost efficiency whilst maintaining driver safety.

7 secrets to licence checks
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Download the Top 10 tips for driver risk management

We’ve put together a ‘Top 10 Tips’ guide to implementing a robust driver risk management strategy for your fleet. This follows on from the debate surrounding driver safety vs cost control and gives practical advice and guidance on what to look out for when partnering with a risk management company.

Top 10 tips free guide