I’m Just Taking The Car For A Quick Bath

I’m Just Taking The Car For A Quick Bath

Whatever time of year, washing the car is an essential task.

And if you and your fleet do any mileage on the motorway, you’ll know just how quickly a sparkly clean vehicle can become in need of yet another wash.

But a bath for a vehicle is a slightly different proposition.

I know what you’re thinking – won’t that flood it?!

Well – that’s sort of the idea.

It’s a concept that’s being proposed by a German engineering company to deal with battery fires in vehicles to reduce the temperature and prevent further damage.

CLICK HERE to read about the bath for vehicles… which isn’t about getting clean!

Fires in electric vehicles have made a few headlines in the last few years, with some high-profile cases of batteries going up in flames.

Part of the issue is that while fire extinguishers can stop the fire, a process known as ‘thermal runaway’ means that battery cells can reignite and burn uncontrollably.

It’s a chemical reaction and it’s something vehicle manufacturers and safety experts have been trying to find solutions for.

And the ‘bath’ that’s being proposed is one of those innovative solutions.

It’s a high-voltage container that can be taken on the move by being mounted onto an HGV and taken to the location of the fire.

A series of winches and rescue nets help get the vehicle into the container before the water is sprinkled in, extinguishing the fire by flooding the battery.

 It’s still in the testing phase but it’s a pretty interesting look at how safety issues are being approached.