I’ve Told You A Million Times Not To Exaggerate…

I’ve Told You A Million Times Not To Exaggerate…

The proclaimers once famously sang that they’d walk 500 miles (and then 500 more) – and that’s a fair walk, right?

But 500 miles is just a drop in the ocean compared with a million kilometres.

That’s 621,371 miles if you were wondering.

An entirely unfathomable distance… and it’s also the length of the warranty in the new Jetour T2.

It’s the longest warranty I’ve ever heard of and it blows the 7-year, 100,000-mile warranties out of the water.

Which is some going considering that they’ve been market-leading warranties since the likes of Kia, MG and Ssangyong began offering them.

It’s a 1,000,000km or 10-year warranty and while part of the offering is designed to attract customers looking for reliability, it’s also a sign of the confidence the manufacturers have in their vehicles standing the test of time.

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Reliability is one of those things you can never really be sure of with vehicles.

For fleets, having the confidence that a vehicle can stand the test of time and cope well with high mileage every day is crucial.

Of course, you factor in maintenance and things going wrong, but a warranty like this adds that extra confidence that your fleet will be safe, secure, and reliable out there on the road.

What do you think, are 10-year, 1-million-kilometre warranties the future? Let us know in the comments below…