When One Engine Just Isn’t Enough

When One Engine Just Isn’t Enough


There are some vehicles that encapsulate a place and time perfectly.

Think vespas in the little side streets of Rome, a Ford Mustang in 1970s rural America, or a Citroën 2CV in 1950s France.

 We could add plenty more to the list – Dodge Rams in the US in the 2000s, a Mini Cooper in the UK in the 60s, you get the point!

Well one of those iconic cars, the Citroën 2CV, has been given a revamp to bring it into the 21st century.

The famous model, known affectionately as ‘deux chevaux’ (which translates to ‘two horses’) has been given a new lease of life by Jonny Smith of the Late Brake Show.

As it transpires, the car they’ve been remodelling is the rare 4x4 Sahara model, of which only 693 units were ever made.

So, what’s unusual about it?

Well, it’s got two engines…

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We’ve all heard of twin engines with a single powertrain, but this takes it to another level.

It means that there are TWO keys to get the ignition going, one for each engine.

The 2CV has two identical 425cc engines, each producing 13.5 horsepower, which means the car can reach a top speed of 60mph with both engines running.

While the original model never quite took off, the idea behind it is fascinating.

And why stop there, what about a car with three or even four engines? Well, maybe there’s a good reason why not…