Supercars, Helicopters And Fireworks Don’t Mix…

Supercars, Helicopters And Fireworks Don’t Mix…

In news that will surprise nobody, supercars and fireworks are a pretty dangerous combination.

Why is this news, you ask?

Well, a YouTuber, Alex Choi, has been charged following a video he posted where he shot fireworks from a helicopter at a Lamborghini.

Given how ludicrous it sounds, it’s a miracle the content idea ever made it out of a discussion and became a reality… but it did.

I can only imagine the safety implications if anyone was in the vicinity, which thankfully they weren’t.

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Perhaps the allure of a Fast and Furious-style video was too much to resist but purely on a cost basis, I’m staggered at the video being made.

After all, neither helicopters nor Lamborghinis are known for being particularly economical.

While it might make for great content, it appears to be the most obvious example of how not to promote vehicle and driving safety…

Not that any of us needed telling anyway!

On top of that, the helicopter pilot had his licence revoked, so there will be no repeat opportunities any time soon.

Given that they had failed to obtain a permit to film or to carry fireworks in a helicopter, it’s hardly surprising that the US authorities are pressing charges against Choi.