An Unwitting Security Feature?

An Unwitting Security Feature?

People often debate whether modern vehicles are safer than older vehicles.

Of course, hotwiring a car is a thing of the past thanks to modern technology and there’s no doubt that remote-locking vehicles make them safer.

But the rise of vehicle thefts where the keys are targeted or where ‘repeaters’ are used to repeat the signal of remotes for keyless entry vehicles does present concerns.

Well, a story in the USA might just give rise to the argument that more technology creates more security.

Because when thieves used a Tesla as a getaway vehicle in the state of Georgia, they needed to stop off to charge their new motor.

The problem was that when they charged the vehicle, which was also full of stolen electronics including PC gaming systems, they were sitting ducks.

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And it gave the police time to catch up with them and apprehend them before they could get more juice into the vehicle and speed away.

It’s not the first time an incident like this has occurred, either.

In fact, back in 2019, a woman who stole a Tesla in Arizona was caught by the police when it ran out of battery, leaving her stranded before being arrested.

While it might not be an intentional security feature, it’s a pretty neat side effect of the limited charge on electronic vehicles!

Modern problems require modern solutions, I guess…