What’s The Opposite Of A High-Speed Chase?

What’s The Opposite Of A High-Speed Chase?

When you think of cars, there’s a natural inclination to think about speed, power, and prestige. 

After all, who doesn’t want to drive a sports car?

Well, lots of people – but action movies are filled with high-octane chases, expensive cars, and driving that’d make you wince if you witnessed it in real life.

High-speed chases are part of that, too.

Of course, none of this is true to reality – nobody would drive on the road if there were high-speed chases and action movie sequences occurring on a daily basis.

Real life is much more like a low-speed loader being apprehended by another loader on a building site.

That’s what happened in the US state of Georgia when a former worker hopped in the loader on a building site and started driving erratically…

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The footage was captured on dashcam after the suspect ignored police instructions to stop before driving onto the main road.

After heading into traffic, the situation became dangerous, and police were unsure how the driver would react.

That’s when the second loader joined the chase… on the police’s side.

The vehicle was then tipped on its side after some jostling that wouldn’t look out of place on Robot Wars.

The driver was arrested and charged with theft, reckless driving, eluding police, criminal trespass and property damage.