An unusual hitchhiker…

An unusual hitchhiker…

When I think of hitchhikers, I think of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 

Well, either that or people on dusty tracks in the middle of nowhere somewhere in America in films, sticking their thumbs out in the hope of a lift.

Either way, it feels like a concept that isn’t very 2022.

Well, this story from Canada involves a hitchhiker with a difference…

Because a hummingbird hitched a 500-mile ride south for the winter.

Many birds will fly south for the winter in search of warmer climes, but this particular hummingbird had decided that it was happy enough in the small town of Prince George, which sits about 500 miles north of Vancouver.

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The bird was first spotted in October and because of the mild weather, Clive and Susan Kean, who spotted the bird, figured that it was waiting until the temperature dropped before making its way south.

But as temperatures dropped to -15 Celsius, the bird still remained in their tree…

They reached out for advice and eventually managed to entice the bird into a cage.

After that, they did the only thing that seemed right and drove 500 miles to Vancouver with the heating up and the bird safely in its cage.

As soon as they arrived, they let the bird free in what is one of the most unusual hitchhiking stories I’ve ever come across.