I can’t go any faster… or slower

I can’t go any faster… or slower

When you’re on a long, monotonous drive, there’s nothing better than sticking the vehicle into cruise control.

I’ll be honest, I’m always a bit sceptical about it but it’s never steered me wrong (pardon the pun), so I remain a big fan.

But this story of a Chinese driver might just make me think twice next time I reach to click the cruise control on…

Because one of this week’s big stories in China involved a driver whose cruise control was on… but couldn’t be switched off.

Yep, in a bizarre situation, the driver was doing his best impression of Keanu Reeves in the Hollywood hit Speed when he was stuck doing precisely 62mph.

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Luckily, the driver had the presence of mind to call the authorities when he realised there was no response from his vehicle and no way to slow down.

And despite getting in touch with the vehicle manufacturer, it appears the only solution was to keep going at 62mph until the tank ran dry. 

A terrifying situation to say the least but he was given a police escort for most of his journey to make sure everyone was safe.

But I think I’ll be double, triple, and maybe even quadruple-checking my cruise control now.

With so much technology in vehicles, there’s even more importance placed on ensuring everything’s working okay and you’re safe on the roads…

But has technology ever let you down on the road? Let us know in the comments below...