Fleet Sector Facing ‘Pressure’ As Christmas Demand Booms

Fleet Sector Facing ‘Pressure’ As Christmas Demand Booms

You’ve probably heard about the various strikes, delays, and pressure on Christmas shopping as deadlines for delivery by the big day are set earlier than ever.

Of course, part of that pressure is down to a backlog in deliveries with Royal Mail, but it’s added pressure to many fleets who might be waiting on key parts being delivered, who are facing shorter deadlines for fulfilment, and who are now busier than ever.

It’s a sharp contrast to 2020 and 2021 where the pandemic played a significant role in the festive season and the pressure faced this year is much different to the last couple of years.

Fleets Set For Busy Festive Period

It’ll come as no surprise to you that experts are predicting an incredibly busy festive period on the UK’s road networks, with the potential for record levels of festive traffic.

Given the limitations in recent years, there’s an expectation that many will look to head off to visit family all over the UK, as well as those heading off for a winter break.

Couple that with regular traffic from commuters (particularly with Christmas falling on a weekend and many working up until 23rd December), there’s every chance that fleets will be contending with higher than usual levels of traffic on the roads.

The pressure on fleets is always there, let’s be honest! But this year the demand for online shopping has ramped up pressure for distributors, delivery networks and the long-distance haulage sector.

Reliability is always the key issue when it comes to this time of year and fleet owners know how to deal with that pressure, but the increased levels of traffic also come with an increased safety risk.

Add into that the below-zero temperatures we’re currently facing, which are expected to continue throughout December, and it’s vital that drivers take extra precautions.

Freezing Temperatures – What Precautions Should You Take? 

The good news is that Gritty McGritface and all of your other favourite gritters are out in force across motorway networks, A and B-roads and local roads.

As ever, the majority of gritting routes will focus on the key roads, so it’s only likely to be quieter, more residential roads that face icy conditions that might affect drivers.

Making sure that cars are de-iced properly, and drivers are warm is key, and taking extra time and care to ensure that the vehicle is in a safe and drivable condition is always advisable.

Allowing additional time for routes and deliveries to be completed as the roads get busier and the temperature drops is sensible, especially as the demands and pressure increases.

There’s never a simple life when it comes to running a fleet and there are always bound to be challenges, but it’s at those times that the safety and efficiency of your fleet and your drivers are more important than ever.

How are your drivers preparing for the busy festive period as temperatures drop? Have you taken any extra safety precautions? Let us know in the comments below.