The dirty, old Volvo V70 with a $20 million price tag

The dirty, old Volvo V70 with a $20 million price tag

Inflation’s an irritating reality of life in the twenty-first century.

But $20 million for an old Volvo V70?

I’m struggling to get my head around it.

This particular Volvo’s hardly the most beautiful of vehicles, especially with the fresh layer of road salt donning the bottom half.

But it does come with a special number plate, which apparently warrants the gargantuan price tag.

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Hilariously, the advertisement doesn’t even mention the year, mileage or model. The car’s mysteriously positioned in front of a small aircraft hangar, complete with small aircraft too.

But if you thought that might be included in the price, think again.

So what makes this plate so valuable? Well, here’s a clue. It was bought back in the 70s, when the state of New York first began offering personalised licence plates.

The Volvo’s owner quickly snapped up something that would turn out to be one of the most coveted car accessories in the States. It’s even got millions of replicas that are sold in souvenir shops all over the Big Apple!

Only problem is, once you’ve bought the Volvo, you’re going to have a tricky job transferring the plate to your own vehicle.

Turns out that in New York, you’ve got to have the same name on the registration for the new car you’re transferring the plates to. So if your name doesn’t happen to be the same as the seller’s, you probably can’t use them anyway.

And that little tip should save you twenty mill!