Full steam ahead…

Full steam ahead…

These days all of the discussions around the future of cars are about electric vehicles, battery range, hydrogen cells, and then the tapering off of petrol and diesel vehicles…

But what about taking things old school with a steam-powered car?

Well, that’s exactly what Frank Rothwell’s decided to do with a classic Land Rover.

Why aren’t more vehicles powered by steam, then, I hear you ask?

Steam-powered cars were a thing, once upon a time. But it’s not really the most practical method of generating power – although it is pretty fun.

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Frank Rothwell decided to press ahead with the engine modification in the 1967 Land Rover after completing a solo rowing adventure across the Atlantic Ocean AND sailing around the world the year before.

How did he do it?

Well, first things first, he sought out a small kit based on a 1910 Foden engine, put it together, and then worked on making sure everything would fit in the Land Rover…

Once it was clear everything was sized up, the swap was complete, and now the classic car’s max speed is a whopping 12 mph.

Okay, that’s not going to win any races, but still – cool, right?

Oh, and there’s an actual steam horn too.

There’s a slight hiccup in that the Land Rover isn’t an off-road vehicle anymore, but all of that’s been sacrificed for good reason – because it’s bloody ace.