A cleaner (but smellier) alternative to petrol?

A cleaner (but smellier) alternative to petrol?

We're not usually fans of toilet humour but we suppose the current cost of fuel means this is no laughing matter…

With no sign that the record-high prices might come down any time soon, it’s hardly surprising that people are looking for alternative ways to fuel their vehicles.

And no, I’m not talking about electricity or anything as sophisticated as that.

Because a team of French engineers have recently found a way to turd, we mean turn, poop into petrol…


Click here to read more about the Renault that runs on, well, faeces.

Some clever folk in France have modified a Renault Zoe so that it’ll take a fuel made from biomethanol – and one tank travelled over 1,200 miles!

If you’re anything like me and biomethanol means nothing to you, we’ll do our best to translate what we’ve read into the basest terms we can…

It’s a substance that comes from cow manure and other animal waste, so the car was fuelled by, err, poo.

Who knows whether this is a fuel alternative that’ll make its way into mass production, but it does apparently tick a couple of important boxes:

  • It contains zero fossil fuels, making it a cleaner, greener alternative to the usual
  • And – if this experiment is anything to go by; it’s got an economy that’s hard to beat!

How many miles are you getting out of your tank at the moment, and would the poo-powered fuel beat it?